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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC

Member of Legislative Council East Metropolitan Region

Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC was initially elected to the Western Australian Government as a Member for the East Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council on 6 September 2008 and is currently serving her second term in the West Australian Government.

With over 10 years’ experience as a small business operator Alyssa enjoys the opportunity her role provides to represent the many small businesses throughout Western Australia.

The East Metropolitan Region is the area where Alyssa had grown up and worked for the majority of her life. Her strong connection to this unique and diverse district is what makes her passionate and determined to represent and deliver for this community.

In her role assisting the Premier in Tourism as his Parliamentary Secretary, the Premier has asked her to combines her passion for Tourism and the need to reduce red tape to encourage and enable growth within the industry.

Never shy to buy a round, Alyssa is always out and about listening to the needs of the Tourism sector.

Alyssa is a proud Western Australian eager to see future development, expansion and growth within Tourism and to promote Western Australia to attract international and interstate travelers; as well as improving our local way of life.